João Daniel Varela Fialho, CCIE #34736


Hi everyone!!! I used workbooks 01, 02, 02 for dynamips, 1700 rack rentals and adv tech class I did the exam two times. At the first time, August 2011, i did almost all the labs from workbook 02, including the troubleshooting workbook, and i saw all the adv tech videos. Unfortunately i wasn't so prepared to the troubleshooting section and i failed. The second time, at February 2012, i did the workbook 01 to improve my skills in each technology and after that i did the workbook 02 (lab and TS). I had 1700 rack rentals, witch i used 750 in the first attempt and 900 in the second one. The key things that i learned and i am sure that they were fundamental to pass are these: - Do as fast as i can the most simple things, like create a vlan or config ospf. - Keep in my basic templates to configure BGP and redistribution; - Read carefully all the questions. - And know how to manage time, specially on the troubleshooting. All this things i got studying the workbooks and watching the adv tech class. Thanks INE.

- João Daniel Varela Fialho, CCIE #34736 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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