Jeffrey Kish, CCIE #27226


Thanks to God in Christ, my amazing wife who only ever supported me in this endeavor and showed great strength and resolve, to my kids for giving me the motivation and desire to finish strong, and my friend Jason (CCIE#27225) - how appropriate that we would end up a single number apart after all our discussions over the past couple months. And a huge thanks to the master strategist Anthony Sequeira and INE as a whole for the accountability, strategy, and support, without which I would never have passed this exam. After taking the R&S exam on Friday, October 15th, I got my email late Sunday night. The result: PASS, all capital letters, with a five-digit number attached. This is a blessing from God as I could not have accomplished this on my own. And though I had to wait two days to find out, I was able to check my result with my wife at my side, making for a memorable and emotional moment that I will never forget. I find myself at the strange place of being at the end of one journey, yet at the start of a much grander one. It's with great humbleness and gratefulness that I anticipate the exciting things to come. Jeff Kish, CCIE#27226

- Jeffrey Kish, CCIE #27226 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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