Jeffery Walker, CCIE #39173


I have been working with Cisco since 1998, and obtained my CCNA in 1999. I passed my CCIE written exam in 2002 for the 2.0 R&S track, but didn't have the confidence to go up for the lab as I felt I didn't have all of the skills listed on the exam topic sheet so ended up abandoning my goal several months later. I renewed my quest for the CCIE in 2010 when 4.0 was announced. The equipment price had dropped, and I felt I had a better shot at working on my weak areas with real gear as the prices had dropped quite a bit. My search began for a training vendor to accompany me on my journey. I spoke with friends who had passed their lab recently and all of them were singing INE's praises. I decided to give them a try and am I glad I did. I found the combination of the workbooks, specfically workbook 3, along with the videos to be the missing element I had been looking for. Having over 10 years actually working in the networking field gave me the confidence to configure the gear, but the workbook senarios along with the videos really helped me dial in on my weak areas and gain a full sense of understanding of the materials. I would like to thank INE for the quality of their products which were indespensible for me in passing my lab in May of this year.

- Jeffery Walker, CCIE #39173 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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