Jason Wang, CCIE #29363


INE Team, Thank you so much for the great products, instructors, and customer service which has allowed me to finally pass the CCIE lab after my 4th attempt. The INE workbook I is second to none when it comes down to the depth of knowledge it goes into for every route/switch topic. Workbook II is pretty much the closest thing when it comes to mimicking the configuration section of the lab, and the audiobooks are an awesome way to make a long drive go by quickly. The two products I would like to single out though are the Advanced Troubleshooting and the Workbook II class on demand tutorial for labs 1-5. The troubleshooting class really stressed the layered approach to troubleshooting and greatly improved how I would approach debugging I problem. I used to panic a lot when I ran into issues, but the video preaches a systematic approach to troubleshooting which works during the respective portion on the actual lab. In addition, the class on demand for the first 5 workbook labs were a great learning assist because Anthony answers many of the questions I had been asking while doing the labs ahead of time. The best feedback and comment I can leave is that I plan on reviewing a lot of the materials on even though I have passed. The Advanced Technologies Class on Demand taught by Brian I can see being a huge asset moving forward with my networking career. Jason Wang CCIE #29363

- Jason Wang, CCIE #29363

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