Jason Viera, CCIE #12534


Back in November of last year I attended the Internetwork Expert R&S Virtual Workshop, it was the best training course I've ever had the privilege of attending. I had already failed the lab and had gone thru 3 separate practice lab books besides reading the usual books, but still had some minor misconceptions on certain topics. Internetwork Expert's class was the only thing I could afford at the time and knowing that Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan both came from respectable Cisco Training companies it was a no brainer. The instruction was hands down the best available, and the lab simulation was not only harder than the real lab but by far the closest that you can get to the real thing (except I wasn't paying $1250 every day). The virtual classroom provided for real-time audio, application sharing (so the instructors could actually walk the student through debugging and configuration at the CLI) and also a whiteboard in which the instructors could illustrate topologies etc. The level of expertise is what really impressed me; Brian and Brian really know Cisco networking to a level that still makes me feel very small and insignificant. Needless to say the week after I attended their course I passed the Lab in San Jose with flying colors! InternetworkExpert is by far the best training available for the CCIE!! They also have the best prices as well as support; If you consider the cost of a failed lab attempt and their course which actually provides a true lab experience (including a score reports!!) it's almost ridiculous to attempt the lab without taking their course! I plan on attending their CCIE Security course as soon as I get a chance!

- Jason Viera, CCIE #12534 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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