Jason Reynolds, CCIE #42423


I took the CCIE R&S lab for the first time in November 2013 and failed. Although I was greatly discouraged initially, I returned to my studies with a vengeance. I immediately scheduled my second attempt in February 2014. Up until the lab date, I reviewed all sections in Workbook Volume I where I had even the slightest lapse of knowledge or confidence in understanding or configuring. I also worked through many of the difficulty level 8 labs in Workbook Volume II that I had completed prior to my first attempt in order to reinforce my lab strategy, especially time management. The pressure was definitely on the second time around knowing that the blueprint was changing in June to version 5 and that all lab dates were already taken for version 4. However, with the help of INE's material (especially Workbook Volume I & II) and the hard work, I passed on my second attempt! Thank you for the great study material INE!

- Jason Reynolds, CCIE #42423 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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