Jason Pendleton, CCIE #13295


I passed the lab in San Jose, on Monday, May 3rd. I couldn't have done it without the excellent training provided by Internetwork Expert. I have seen, although I don't own, most of the vendor's training materials out in the market, and I really LEARNED from Internetwork Expert's labs. I really did some strong comparisons among the different products by looking at sample labs, etc.; and I found their product to be error free and well written, so I felt like I got a great deal on their workbook. The answer keys are excellent and well laid out with great explanations of each section. If you can do their labs, especially labs 12 through 20, you will be ready for the real thing. For 3 months prior to my exam date, I used one day each weekend to do a full 8-hour scenario from their workbook, and they gave me a great deal on rack times. I also, with the help of my company, purchased lab grading, which made a HUGE difference for me. Brian D. and Brian M. both provided excellent feedback and let me know where I needed improvement. I will say it again, their product is second to NONE. I also sat their 5-day Workshop about 8 months ago; and it was also an excellent class. The labs were tough, and they provided excellent score reports and feedback.

- Jason Pendleton, CCIE #13295 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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