Jason Lunde, CCIE #29431


I am happy to announce that I took and passed the CCIE R/S lab in San Jose this past June on my first attempt. When I decided to finally go for the CCIE I knew that INE was my preferred vendor. I purchased, on my own, the entire CCIE R/S self study bundle. This included the workbooks, tokens, CoD's, and some of the pre-recorded bootcamps. My first 4-5 months I used this plan from Petr: His plan outlined here is brilliant, and tells you exactly how to use their material. I condensed the timeline there a bit, and tried to stay ahead of the plan by a month or two. I went through all of their old CoD videos, and most of the new ones, done (very nicely I might add) by Brian. I completed every lab, in every workbook multiple times, including the TS labs. I also made sure I did all of the new v4 mock labs provided by INE. When it came time to sit the lab I was still nervous, but I knew through the "ringing" that I got using the INE workbooks, that I had at least seen almost everything that the lab could through at me. So thank you to everyone at INE, I appreciate the time you all spent developing the material, and the great community of professionals you all have surrounding it. -Jason Lunde CCIE R&S

- Jason Lunde, CCIE #29431 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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