Jason Craft, CCIE #37524


I recently passed the CCIE SP lab to earn 2x status in the IE program. This was the second lab I completed in less than a year (R/S - Nov 2012, SP - Oct 2013). My training materials from INE consisted of the ATC video series, SP lab workbooks, rack rentals, and the INE blog articles specific to SP tech and routing. The material was an excellent resource that covered the broad SP blueprint while also getting deep into the details. The lab workbooks provide excellent examples of each technology that gives candidates a great platform to practice not only for lab day, but long term retention. I also found the INE rack rentals a huge plus for those who don't have available practice gear with the IOS XR and ME3400 platforms. I have already made recommendations for the INE SP material as an essential tool for training and will continue to do so. A special thanks to Brian McGahan who was very generous with his time and assistance during my training. Big thanks for all the help!! Jason Craft CCIEx2 #37524 (R/S, SP)

- Jason Craft, CCIE #37524 (CCIE Service Provider)

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