Ioan Branet, CCIE #23474


Hello, I want to inform you that I've passed the R&S lab exam on friday 6 feb on my first attempt. I used IE Volume 1, Volume 2, Mock labs, Poly labs, Rack rentals and dynamips. I started to prepare for the lab on January 2007 and 3 weeks before my lab I prepared 12-13 hours/day( doing labs, reading doccd and watching video materials at home without any pressure or disturbance). I considered the lab at a rate of 7.5- 8 comparing with the difficulty of the IE Labs. 2 of the Open Ended questions was not so easy and made me think verry carefully about what they want from me and the other 2 questions were verry easy if you know the staff. The diagrams from IE are very nice comparing with the diagrams from lab and I make my own diagram with colours/pencils. I finished the lab in 5 hours and 30 minutes and I had enogh time to recheck all tasks twice and I found two faults and I corrected them. I want to say that IE COD materials were great and helped me a lot(I watched 4-5 times all materials) . I've done VOL2 1-20 labs 3 times (2 times using dynamips and one time using IE Rack Rentals) ,Mock Labs 1-7 -2 times (the average score was between 80-90 %) and Vol1.v5 1 time using dynamips and read it 2 more times. I used also Open Lecture series (Video Materials) -watched them one time. I could't made it for the first time without IE materials.

- Ioan Branet, CCIE #23474 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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