Humberto Castillo Lopez, CCIE #29646


My story.... Well, when I statrted in this I knew that is a dificult LAB exam, but I started to study the INE material and these help me so much to understad all the topics that I need, and the the practiced in their LABs was very important. For my first try I was to nervius, but saw that I could passed the exman, just was a thing to leard how the LAB in the real exman was constructed and the form to understad the wording. But allways there are some issues that you shuld find the answer in the CISCO WAB Pages, because they like to put some excercise with some triky. Please, suscribe to the diferents forums, must of them give you a great advice.

- Humberto Castillo Lopez, CCIE #29646

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