Howard Hooper, CCIE #23470


I returned home after a few hours from sitting the lab in Brussels, checked my email and followed the link to a page saying of the greatest moments you can imagine. I couldn't believe it!! I came out of the lab thinking I'd done the best I could and couldn't have done anymore, I couldn't access my email until I got home and my flight back to London wasn't until 9:30pm so I had to sit in the airport for 3hrs and on the plane for another hour trying to count up how many points I thought I may have lost :o) This was my second attempt at the lab, my first was in San Jose. When I sat the exam for the first time there were a few topics I was unsure of and I ended up running out of time before finishing but thanks to the INE workbooks (specifically the QOS V5.0 which is amazing) and mock lab exams I nailed them this time! and finished with a few hours for me to check through everything again.....and again. I'd like to thank all of the INE team for all of their efforts in developing the products that helped me (and others) pass, specifically Anthony Sequeira, this guy is amazing and I apologize for bugging him with all of the emails I sent asking for help.

- Howard Hooper, CCIE #23470 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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