Hernan Rodriguez-Zambrana

Hi, my name is Hernan Rodriguez, and I would like to share with everyone that my year has been marked by success due to INE. With their insightful and challenging training aids and video classes I was able to earn the ISC2 CISSP certification. This catapulted my career like nothing ever before. Within a short time period after my certification, I was able to obtain a much higher paying job as a senior security analyst for a large utility company. As with many things in computer science, it helps to be well rounded. INE has helped me get my CCNA with their wonderful on-site boot camps, as well as their online content. They also have helped me practically with Linux lessons, helped me understand new operating systems, and how to navigate through that in my every day job. I believe that INE has helped me every step of the way and is an invaluable resource that i gladly show and share with friends. I believe that every penny spent on INE is an investment in myself, and it has paid off 100 fold. Thank you INE for educating IT professionals and providing means to get new opportunities.

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