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Hao Tran

CCIE Collaboration #62061
I recently passed the CCIE Collaboration v2 lab exam on April 22, 2019 and I have to say this would not have been possible without the INE bootcamp. My CCIE journey begin back in 2014 when I first attempted the CCIE Voice, I thought I was knowledge enough at the time with the many years of experience in the field, so I attempted the CCIE Voice lab without attending any bootcamp. The result didn't go so well and I left RTP felt like a beaten man. Last year I decided to re-engaged with my pursuit for the CCIE Collaboration, this time I know I needed to attend a bootcamp in order to be better prepare and strategized how to attack this certification requirement. After researching the internet, I decided to go with INE. I first attended the INE bootcamp back in June 2018. After completing the 7 days bootcamp in 2018, I felt much more confidence this time taking the CCIE Collaboration v1 exam, because of my time with work and travel I wasn't able to put in as much lab time as needed and end up failing the CCIE lab exam. I decided to wait it out for the CCIE Collaboration v2. Once I found out INE had an opening slot fo the 7 days bootcamp this past April down in Raleigh, without hesitation I enrolled in it. I came into the bootcamp felling very confidence and I left there knowing if it wasn't for this bootcamp I have no chance. Rohit my instructor was amazing, though the 7 days bootcamp he identified each of his students weakness and gave us advice and pointer to what we need to do and what we need to focus on. Rohit knowledge and his ability to break down and explain each of the task was amazing. Rohit demonstrate the approach and strategies in order to meet all the tasks with the require time. Even after the 7 days bootcamp was over, Rohit continue to follow up with me on a regular basis to find out the progress of my training. Most of my practice lab was done using the INE rack which I found was amazing and easy to use. After one month of time spent on the INE rack, I decided that I was ready and schedule my exam on April 22nd 2019. I'm here today to say that with the help and guidance from my instructor Rohit Parasadini, INE and a good friend of mine Paul Ghattas, I know can say I have a number from Cisco. I could not have done this if it wasn't for Rohit, Paul Ghattas and of course the amazing INE RACK lab access. Hao Tran CCIE Collaboration #62601

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