Hadi Esper, CCIE #25869


It is finally time for me to write my own success story. I cant believe how long it has been and how overwhelming it has been, I really hope you all find my story to be quite unique in some sense or the other. So to give you a little background on myself. My name is Hadi Esper, I am Lebanese, and 23 years old. I have been studying for my CCIE ever since I touched my first CCNA book (2.5 years ago). I guess my journey is somehow accelerated, you?ll learn why in a few minutes. I must start with one thing first. I have taken the time to write this post mostly because I feel like I owe it to the INE team and all other members of the INE forums, without your support, I could have never reached where I did. I must also confess, over the whole preparation period, I have been a ?taker? and not a ?giver?. I would say I was a taker from the forums because I never had time to log on and answer any else?s questions, I only logged on when I had trouble and needed help. So from now on, I promise to make my contribution to the forums as a thank you to everyone who helped me even when I was difficult or in-experienced sometimes. I have also been a huge ?taker? from the sales team, whom I always asked for discounts and discounts.. well mostly because preparation was a little difficult for me financially. So you ask how I am going to give back? Hehehe.. well.. I still have 516 tokens in my account, and if the INE team is okay with it, I would be happy to donate them to someone who is currently preparing for the lab and is basically in my shoes (the past me). To be honest, I don?t know who or how to choose.. I was thinking of making some kind of competition, but I don?t want to make it difficult for anyone.. I just want to make someones life just a tiny bit easier.. so experts.. feel free to suggest a decision criteria .. Alright, so now is the part where I explain how I prepared for my CCIE.. I started my preparation back when I was in university. I am a graduate of the electrical and computer engineering school (July 2008). I started my preparation around January 2008, that?s when I bought a very comprehensive book ?CCNA study Guide? by todd lammle. Now one thing I want to stress to any candidate.. when you are preparing for the CCNA, your goal should not be to pass the CCNA exam.. your goal should be to gain CCIE level knowledge part of which happens to be CCNA, CCNP or whatever.. so what I am saying is, even if your studying a CCNA book, do it like your studying for the CCIE. I remember buying some useless router emulator for 150$ .. ow man do I regret that.. just get GNS3.. and start practicing everything you learn in your CCNA and CCNP books. When I took my CCNA exam .. which had some simulation questions, I was at a CCNP level in configuring routing protocols and therefore the CCNA exam simulations were a piece of cake.. and similarly with the CCNP, I had practiced routing switching, qos .. etc.. so much.. that I felt I was above the CCNP level before even taking the tests? why ? because you should be studying to get the CCIE not to pass a CCNA/CCNP test? Alright so back to my timeline.. I prepared for my CCNA while I was still in university.. it was also a cool experience because I took a graduate level lab at that time where we would spend about 6 hours a week configuring cisco routers and a couple of linux servers.. after I graduated college in 20 days, I was recruited by Cisco as part of a graduate training program where I sat for official certified training (not INE at that time? but INe is the best.. more later..hehehe).. I took ICND-1 and 2.. I passed my CCNA exam.. I took BCMSN,BSCI,ONT,ISCW.. I passed all those tests as well? I passed the CCNA from the first try .. mostly because I was so well prepared since I read the todd lammle book page for page.. CCNP was a struggle .. especially that the courses were so crammed.. each certification was a 9 hour a day for 5 days course.. but during that whole CCNA/CCNP phase.. my life was all study.. I woke up at 8 everyday .. took my class from 9-5.. then stayed at the offices to study from 5pm to 11 or 12pm.. I did that for about 4 months straight.. and that?s how I got to be a CCNP by November 2008. More...

- Hadi Esper, CCIE #25869 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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