Gustavo Coutinho, CCIE #37675


Hello all, I am here today to say that INE was my foundation towards my biggest professional dream, which was to become a CCIE. I spent at least two years studying for the exam, and all i can say is that i would not be here if i didn't spent my money in INE Workbooks. The vol 1 is practically your bible towards your goal, its MORE you need to know in what regards technology foundation for the LAB exam, for sure ! What about the explanations in this WB ? You wont find anything like this in any book today in the market.. INE, PLEASE do some BOOKS for our community :D. I failed my first attempt, but not the second :D I am very happy and once again, without INE i would probably be going to my third attempt. Already thinking of CCIE SP, and INE will be my partner again, no doubt cheers!

- Gustavo Coutinho, CCIE #37675 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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