Gurudatt Pai, CCIE #28227


Chalukyanagar, Bangalore -560072 I started my CCIE preparation in January 2010. I had about 4 years of experience already in Network Security. I still had a challenge of understanding Cisco security technologies. The first thing i needed was a good Security rack. Unfortunately the rack that i got for practice lacked a test PC and a ACS server. So I went to the exam with not enough practice in the Identity management section and lost the exam by less than 2 points. This is when i realized i needed a better practice rack and searched around for rack rentals. I bumped into a few , hired a few and didn't find them great for the money spent on them. Either the Servers and devices were very slow or were not maintained well enough. I came across Graded labs for my next attempt and haven't found a better rack than it till date. Every connection is well documented. The support from the staff is amazing. I got enough practice on the Identity management section and the IDM GUI which enabled me to crack the exam in less than 5 hours. My CCIe number is 28227 and i am proud to be one!

- Gurudatt Pai, CCIE #28227 (CCIE Security)

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