Gawel Mikolajczyk, CCIE #24987


Dear InternetworkExpert Team, I have returned from Brussels yesterday and today got my score - PASS at first attempt on Jul 27, 2009! During the preparations I have used IEWB Volume I and II version 4.1 and 5.0 - they are excellent and in-depth written. I find your Audio Book a very valuable resource - great to listen during mythic spare time and while driving :-) The Core Knowledge Questions are good as well. So, I have leveraged almost everything, even the Polymorphic labs. It was a great half-a-year marathon. Last but not least - I have spent numerous evenings with Advanced Technologies CoD - a very good material to structuralize the theory and start the CCIE preparations with. Did I forget something? :-) Special kudos to Petr - his blog entries are enlightening. Keep up the good job! Keep it going, Gentlemen. Cheers,

- Gawel Mikolajczyk, CCIE #24987 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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