Garrison Botts, CCIE #48589


I passed my CCIE for Data Center 5/14/2015!!! I used the INE bundle and watched the videos. I tried using the labs but they seemed to always be booked so I did the next best thing. I used notepad. On the days I was able to get in, I used that time to really focus on the command structure and syntax. The videos were very good and I was able to follow along without issue. If you are serious about getting your IE, I suggest you get the series and use the videos. They will help you achieve your goal! Don't focus all your energy on getting lab time here. It's very hard to do. If you are lucky enough to find a window, use that time to really concentrate on syntax. Much luck and don't lose faith in your abilities!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

- Garrison Botts, CCIE #48589 (CCIE Data Center)

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