Florent Thiebaut, CCIE #48838


I started my CCIE journey (not knowing back then that I would try to get it) by having my CCNA in 2008. I was still in school. After that, I started my to work at a middle size enterprise, and from there I got my CCNP RS in 2012. In December 2013, I took the CCIE RS written and passed it. I really started to work for the lab in November 2014 (yeah a year later... motivation can be hard to get). Then I used all INE materials, from the videos to all the labs. I spent all my nights and weekends on it. Mid-April I took the lab in Toronto and Failed the TS part, but DIAG and CONFIG were OK. I scheduled 2 days later for a new attempt in Brussels. This time matching the date with my holidays. So this time I passed it, and I really am happy to close this chapter :) I don't know yet what will be my next move, but for now I am just enjoying my number... Thank you INE

- Florent Thiebaut, CCIE #48838 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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