Envuladu Tsaku, CCIE #23529


I passed my CCIE Lab examination on the 16th of February 2009. Couldnt believe it. The labs were straight forward but i had doubts about my answers to one of the open end questions. Had me anxious until I got home (12 hours flight). I did my written exam in July 2007 but i had to take a break to study for a linux certification so i didn't start studying for my CCIE labs until 2008 January. My first four months of studies were with IE COD and IE volume 1, Then i attended boot camp in Dubai which was a real eye opener for me.Started work with the workbooks and for my full labs i used IE vol 2. I will like to use this opportunity to thank all those who have been helpful to me in my journey my class mates in Narbik bootcamp (Sadki, Pitt, Vignesh, Femi, Dawood, george, Badal, yap, dapasina) , I want to thank narbik for the wonderfull bootcamp and support. Thank all u guys that have been answering my questions in GS Scott moris, the other Scott,Jared, e.t.c u guys are the best. To my study partners in Nigeria,i wish u all the best especially with the mobile center comming up soon in Lagos Nigeria.U guys will come good. This are the list of materials i Used: 1.Narbiks Soup and Nuts. 2.Narbiks Advanced Routing and Switching Workbook.(5 volumes) 3.IE COD. 4.IE vol 1 5.IE vol 2. 6.Scotts Moris audio lectures.Hope there is one for SP. As for the open ended question, I don't think u need to prepare any differently. It's just a way of checking your level of prep .Easy questions really but watch the wordings though may also want to know that you are only allowed to fail a maximum of one. I will have to hibernate now for a month. Can't wait to start reading something else.SP.

- Envuladu Tsaku, CCIE #23529 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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