Eng Osama, CCIE #22394


I started Cisco network academy during my university in 2000, it was first academy in the country. I get my computer engineering degree in 2003, after that I searched for job and in each interview the asked me what you can do for us. After that I decide to take CCNA and got it in 2003. After that I dream to take CCNP but as it need good budget and i was started my way in that time I delayer it. Then with CCNA Certified, after two month I join provider company as support engineer. I have worked for three years during this time and dreaming to get CCNP, after work hard and read lot with practice I completed CCNP in 2006 and the dream become truth. and then join antoher company as Network Engineer. In additon, having part time teaching CCNA course for financial purposues as well as background. Then, in Oct'07 I pass written exam and start prepare for CCIE lab exam, during this time I teached some courses for CCNA and CCNP as CCIE neet got good budget. in March, I engaged with nice finacee who support me after she knows what is CIsco :) ... I used many products to prepare for the CCIE the most nice one is Internetwork experts Vol1, Vol2, Vol3 and mock labs which I like it very much in addition with IE materials which show you how to verify your work and very nice stuff. I took the risk and decide to take exam In 20-Oct-2008, I went dubai before a day of exam, visit the lab location in day before and saw my proctor. then, I went to GITEX spent nice time there. I planned to have hard walk this day to have early sleeping. and I do that, I reached hotel at 8pm take warm shower and sleep, I wake up early morning have my breakfast then got taxi which is INDIAN nationality, I told him you know Cisco System company, he said absolutly, I told him please drop me there it was one hour before exam starting. and The driver spent 1:15 minutes drive arround Cisco without know which exit to go from. I told him man STOP here. CISCO building like one kilometer far away, and exam start over already, RUN AWAY like 100 meters Race :))) I reached the exam after 15 minutes of starting, I thought am unlucy this day :( and feel very bad I got the exam start reading very quickly and draw my toplogy with color pens, start work....... until lunch break we seat for lun! ch with proctor and all students discussed with him about exam and I was keep silent then I asked him"Do you beleive that dream will become truth from first attempt, he answer it is wishing".......... then exam end. In the airport, I opened my email from my mobile and check there is one email score reported, I got stress and feel jajajaja read the email but nothing there only if u pass u will see ur result in profile and if u dont u will see details. I called my friend who pass last month and asked him what u got. he said I got one email score report and then congrats. email , IN that time i feel poor as i'm fail, my family pick me from airport I told them I failed :( they all got sad as there is no chance to retake the exam my mother said osama I don't know why I'm feeling that you passed, I told her sorry mam I never thought I will fail but I did :(, the problem as am plan to get married within two months and no time to prepare again. I reached home and as i'm curios i need to see my missing point in which section, I open my profile............SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! see wt's thaaaaT? NOWAY pass?!!!! who!?!! I saw number 22394 and then my written exam result is 94 I got confused ooooooooooh my Gooood I PASSED amazing feeling and nice experience, it is 8 years of working in Cisco devices,and really it need hard work to be real CCIE. Now, I need to know how to gain money as am CCIE :), any advice!? "Becasue my wedding in Jan-2009" all of you are invited to join. :) Dream became truth from first attempt Thanks all and sorry for long stody. Osama Shahin CCIE# 22394

- Eng Osama, CCIE #22394 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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