Eduardo Romero, CCIE #43506


I remember when I first became familiar with Cisco at school and I thought the CCNA was almost impossible to get. Once I started working, I soon realized that the CCNA was just the beginning. Since then, the CCIE was one of my goals and visions. I actually wanted to get it before I got married, but that was not the case. I did let my wife know that the months to follow would be about studying all day, every day, and lucky me -- she supported me. I began to study about 2 years ago, reading books and doing some basic labs before I started the real work. I actually got my own equipment so I was able to practice every day at any time, which was a great. With the help of INE's workbooks, I was able to practice and master the technologies... but more importantly, I felt comfortable with them. The workbooks cover pretty much every single thing and have some nice explanations. The INE blog is an important part also, as sometimes even Brian answers the questions, so it's really easy for you to learn the technologies. I also used the Multicast Deep Dive videos, since Multicast had been one of my weak spots. After that, I felt I was ready to take my lab exam. After almost 2 years, I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt! I can go back to my wife now. :)

- Eduardo Romero, CCIE #43506 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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