Duc Cuong Ha, CCIE #48008


Hello INE Team, I started my network path with CCNA in 2009 when I was a student. After learning CCNA, I knew that I loved networking so much, so I continued my path with CCNP and finished it in 2012. At that time I wanted to go for CCIE, but I thought CCIE v5 would be released soon because v4 was out in 2010, so I waited. But v5 was not out until August 2014. Right after v5 was out, I started my CCIE journey. I decided to buy 2 year INE All Access Pass and I found that INE workbooks were very helpful. Especially Advance Techs Workbooks, which helped me a lot in learning the topics covered in CCIE Blueprint. The Full Scale lab topology was very close to the real lab. After 8 months learning, I decided to take my lab exam in Sydney in April-10 2015 and got my number in the 1st attempt, which I dreamt for a long time. Now I have decided to move on 2nd CCIE, which is SP. And I will still use INE workbooks for my learning. Thank you INE, for helping me fulfill my dream!

- Duc Cuong Ha, CCIE #48008 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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