Douglas Bruyer, CCIE #18009


It was a long ordeal, 19 months from the start of working on the written exam until the final result but I finally finished the R&S lab exam in Brussels on May 22nd. As an American working and living in Amsterdam with a demanding work schedule I wasn't sure that all self study would prepare me adequately. Flying across the Atlantic to take a boot camp simply wasn't possible. I used InternetExperts products from beginning to end; technology labs, core labs, class-on-demand, and of course the workbook. These products lead me from the beginning to feeling fully prepared to tackle the real lab, and now you can add me to your list of CCIEs. Having previously worked in the training field I can appreciate the enormous amount of work that goes into preparing a first class product on so challenging a subject. You've done a superb job and there is no doubt that without the range of products and the complete nature of the training I would not have been able to accomplish this goal. I want to thank both Brians and all of the staff of Internetwork Expert for a job well done.

- Douglas Bruyer, CCIE #18009 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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