Derek Coleman, CCIE #23276


I'd like to thank you and all at Internetwork Expert for your invaluable help on my CCIE journey. I took your bootcamp in Sept. 08 and made extensive use of your Advanced Technology Class and Lab Workbooks to finally pass the Security Lab in San Jose on Jan 21 2009. Besides the wealth of knowledge I gained from the camp and class it was great just to see your approach to problem areas and advice on lab strategy etc, it took a lot of stress off before I sat the real thing and definitely helped my time management (your voice kept playing in my head every time I started spending too long on one task). Also the lab workbook kept my knowledge tested and expectations in check, no matter how ready I thought I was there was always something in there that would bring me back down to earth. Like just about everyone on the CCIE track I've built up a lot of resources in lab equipment, books, CBTs etc. but I can easily say that the Internetwork Expert components were the single most influential in helping me pass. Kudos and thanks again. I'll be back someday for R&S....

- Derek Coleman, CCIE #23276 (CCIE Security)

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