David Witt, CCIE #37947


I don't think I could have done it without INE! Their workbooks, rack rentals, mock labs, and free online videos gave me all the tools I needed to pass the CCIE exam on a limited budget. When I decided to go after a CCIE in RS I knew I needed more experience with some of the technologies that I didn't touch in my day-to-day work. INE's self-paced work books absolutely gave me the hands-on experience I needed to master all the lesser known technologies on the blue print but it also helped to reinforce the areas I was already comfortable with. INE's mock labs helped me gain the speed I needed to cover the wide range of topics in the limited amount of time you have in the lab as well as pointed out the areas I needed to keep working on.

- David Witt, CCIE #37947 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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