David Valentine, CCIE #48754


I am of Fijian heritage but I was born and grew up in Papua New Guinea. It goes without saying that in pacific island countries we face communications issues that first world countries quite frankly don't have to deal with. These usually revolve around the capacity and reliability of our internet and wan links. This drives up the cost of the internet to the point where it has become a luxury as opposed to a necessity. Early in my preparation I made a large investment in INE's video material, workbooks and rack rentals. INE's training has allowed me to excel in my field and Brian is a brilliant trainer. The way he takes topics and breaks them down into little bit size pieces so they are easier to understand and then links these pieces together to form 'the bigger picture' is the sole reason why I made such a large investment in INE. All it took was a few sample videos and I was sold, I knew my money would be well spent. The INE online community has also been a huge help! I love the fact that there are so many people online at the same time and in different time zones that you can ask any question and get an answer within 5 minutes. This was really great as I would watch the ATC videos and if I had any questions I would simply write a post and by the time I had finished the video my questions would have been answered. This definitely helps the learning process when you are learning topics for the first time. Being the first Papua New Guinea born CCIE is a huge honor and I am sincerely humbled. David Valentine CCIE# 48754

- David Valentine, CCIE #48754 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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