David Ray, CCIE #29847


I am pleased to announce that two days ago (08/05/11) I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching exam! Thanks to the folks at INE and all of the great material that was available to use, this dream has now become a reality. Using all of the ressources available in your self-paced program proved to be invaluable. I started out with the Volume I labs and after getting through those, I spent the majority of my studies in the volume II labs, which really got me comfortable in the "lab" environment. It took me 4 times to pass this sucker, but after each attempt, I was able to come back to INE, focus on some Vol.I labs where I saw that I needed some work and then jump back on the Vol. II and III labs. The T/S (Vol.IV) labs are a great tool as well! They really helped me with my time management in trying to work through the trouble tickets in a systematic way. Using the trouble shooting labs, prepared me to get through the trouble shooting sections of the actual lab with time to re-verify each solution and move onto the configuration section with additional time! Thanks again INE!

- David Ray, CCIE #29847

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