Daniel Dib, CCIE #37149


Hi everyone! I finally passed the lab after a long journey. I bought all of the INE workbooks a couple of years back and went through the training as advised by the great Petr Lapukhov. I took my first shot at the lab in February but did not have enough to pass, I passed neither section back then. I didn't feel too bad as first time passing is pretty rare. I regrouped for another try where I focused a lot on passing the TS which I did with flying colors. Unfortunately I did not pass the config though but at least it was a step forward. After the second attempt I went to the INE 10-day RS bootcamp in London with 5x CCIE Brian Dennis. This turned out to be such a great experience. Brian showed us all how to think at a CCIE level. The CCIE lab is about thinking, not commands as explained by Brian in the bootcamp. Also Brian told us some very important lessons on how to verify proper configuration. It was now late October and I was back in Brussels. I felt really pumped and wanted to kick some ass! I came into the lab and I was performing really well. Kicked ass I did! I had a great fealing when leaving the lab and that feeling was true. I was now a CCIE! This would not be possible without the great training material provided by INE and the excellent bootcamp that I took in London. You have access to the BEST material so all you need to do is to put your heart and soul into it and you can pass as well.

- Daniel Dib, CCIE #37149 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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