Daniel Berki, CCIE #26973


Hi, I've just passed the lab exam in Brussels :) Thank you for your training Anthony. I learned a lot about how to prepare for the exam. I have divided the full learning material to 6 part regarding the technology. I had around 1 week for one technology part. For one week the process was the following: Learn the technology Practice the technology Learn the technology (It was important to read it again, because I had a lot of question after the practice. I red the answer, but I had not understand why it is so important so I have just forgot) Practice the technology I had 1 week for one technology, so I had to finish learning it after one week. It would be too much to learning everything so I had to make a limit. And it is not possible to learn everything. After 6 weeks I have practiced for the real lab, one day from the basics to the IP services on dynamips. I had 2 weeks holiday after BGP, so after around 10 weeks I went to the exam :) Thank you very much again,

- Daniel Berki, CCIE #26973 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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