Dandrea Brown, CCIE #43850


I was finally able to pass the CCIE DC lab on May 24th, 364 days after this journey began. Passing the lab was definitely no easy task for me as it involved a few unsuccessful attempts along the road. The INE videos were able to explain the technologies in great depth and having access to the INE rack rentals was invaluable. There were definitely times that I wanted to give up during this process, but I kept on ticking and eventually the hard work and dedication paid off. A huge thanks goes out to the IEOC community, as a lot of the posts and feedback I received were able to clear up a lot of things that I got confused on! Now I'm just excited to be able to relax a little and spend some much needed time with my family. :-)

- Dandrea Brown, CCIE #43850 (CCIE Data Center)

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