Christopher Marshall, CCIE #29940


I am happy to report that I passed my Route Switch CCIE yesterday in San Jose at the second time of asking. I have been studying for the exam for a little under a year and have used INE's materials and rack rentals exclusively. My study regime consisted of: 2 week bootcamp in Reno last December with your incredible instructor and all round top guy Petr Lapukhov. Completed Volume's 1 through 4 of INE's workbooks Countless hours on graded labs rack rentals. Watched both Version 4.0 and 4.5 of your Advanced Technologies video's on demand I Read the following Routing TCP/IP volumes 1 and 2, CCIE R&S Certification guide, MPLS fundamentals, TCP/IP Principles Protocols and Architecture and the QoS exam guide. I also got through a lot of the Cisco Configuration guides. I have been fortunate enough to have a very understanding wife who allowed me to take the last 3 months off work to focus purely on getting this result. Thank you INE and particularly Petr who I have been in contact with throughout this quest and always made himself available to answer any questions I had. Is there anyone in the world who know QoS better than that guy :) Thanks again. All the best Chris

- Christopher Marshall, CCIE #29940

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