Chika Acha, CCIE #18904


Hello all, It's been 6.8 years since I last posted a success story here (when I passed my R&S)....and I must confess the feeling is darn GOOD! :). I'll be shot. After bailing out right after the SP Lab update to v3, I decided to give it a shot again, but this time with a bootcamp with INE. I attended the INE bootcamp in October 2013 at Chicago, IL with Brian McGahan....and I must say, he is a genius. He was able to make the very ambiguous and mind-boggling SP technologies look like a walk in the park. My confidence level grew from 45% to 95% right after my bootcamp. Gave it a shot in Dec (at San Jose), but sadly I did not make it. Not because the lab was difficult....NO! Very far from it. After having not done it in a while, a whole thing seemed strange to me as there were so many changes (i.e. no more hard copies)....the headache of having to scroll back and forth on your questions, and the NUMEROUS questions (v4 and v6) I had to attend to. I ran out of time, so couldn't go back to reviewing lab questions I could not complete. I gave it another shot 9 days ago at RTP, and nailed it this time....Mehn!!! Felt Good!! I can't thank INE enough for the fantastic technology lab workbooks, and also the "always available" SP rack rentals that aided my IOS-XR hands-on practice. Now, I need to get married (before I get dumped)....then definitely give the DC and DE a shot. Brian McGahan....I thank you sir. Cheers guys.? ---- Guys....for soooooo long i have waited for this opportunity, tell you guys...I DID IT!! Hmmm.....what a journey. It all started in 2002 in a friend's car..i saw a CCNA book at the back of his car.... and after going through it for a while, i fell inlove with Cisco. I made CCNA in 2003 after i finished college....further pursued my Cisco career.....made CCNP in 2005...then i thot to myself.....hmmmm....."how 'bout i give the CCIE lab a shot"? I knew it wasnt gonna be easy, but i did not expect it to be that hard and gruelsome. I started studying fully for the lab in mid 2006, .....not until i met some Godsent gurus. ... The Brians, can i ever forget you guys? I thot i knew Cisco,...not until i stumbled across the CoD and my opinion, they are the best in the industry.....i'd recommend them time and time again. ... Now i can go to bed with the mind that you dont have to be superhuman to make CCIE. Cheers.

- Chika Acha, CCIE #18904 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider)

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