CCIE Routing & Switching -

Charles U. Duru

CCIE Routing & Switching #56459
The story of my CCIE journey cannot be complete without mentioning INE. It's almost 4 year now, when in late 2013 INE made me one of the two African recipients of a great scholarship that was worth between 10k and 15k dollars at the time. It entailed free bootcamp, free all access pass to prep materials, including rack spaces and a free attempt at the lab. It made all the difference in my preparations. I eventually attended the free bootcamp in London and the experience was worth every bit. Though the journey to becoming a CCIE was very bumpy and slow, it was steady, and INE was there for me all the way. Today I am a proud CCIE because with the help of INE, I can look back and say I earned it. I will always be grateful to INE for the investment on me in terms of both finance and real knowledge.

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