Chandrakant Rai, CCIE #32160


I am very delighted to say that I have finally cleared CCIE (R&S). I am grateful to Almighty God, my family and friends for their unwavering support over the past one year. I am glad that I came across INE's resources during this journey, which truly helped me to achieve my Dream Digits (32160). It's been a fun and good experience as I achieved what I dreamed. Achieving it has finally relieved me as now, I get to do so many things which were low priority some time before. Hanging out with family is one of them ;) CCIE is something every network person can achieve but, he or she has to have the will to dream & urge to own it. I am sooo happy to thank INE and it's directions with added hours of studying which helped me to finally achieve my CCIE R&S. CCIE# 32160 belongs to me! ;) Thanks a ton!!!!!!

- Chandrakant Rai, CCIE #32160 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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