Casey Rossman, CCIE #48006


I started off studying for CCNA with Chris Bryant videos which was good for starting out, I came to find out that he was trained by INE. I decided to go to the source of truth for CCNP studies so I started watching INE videos. The CCNP videos/workbook took me to a level in which I felt confident to take the CCNP tests. During my CCIE studies I did not even entertain the thought of using another training vendor, if you are serious about learning the technologies and not just passing a test then you are making a mistake if you look anywhere else other than INE. I started off by reading Cisco press books, and then moved onto INE Version 4 videos I attended a V4 bootcamp and then the Lab changed to V5 so I started watching the V5 videos and did a reseat for a V5 bootcamp. The INE v5 lab workbook is an incredible product and reinforced the technologies in isolation and in full scale lab environment. I am not smart but I am persistent, I learn slowly and methodically but in the end INE helped me understand the technology at a deeper level. My biggest advice is to not quit, remember the syntax is the easy part, and learn the way that Brian Mcgahan suggests: Step1: Gain basic understanding. Step2: Gain basic hands-on experience to reinforce and expand your understanding. Step3: Gain an expert level of understanding. Step4: Gain an expert level of hands-on experience. Thank you INE!

- Casey Rossman, CCIE #48006 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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