Byju Varghese, CCIE #27751


I started my studies 2 years ago with verrsion 3. Attempted once and failed. Passed OEQ but failed configuration miserably. Couldn't finish the configuration in time. I studied INE Class on Demand, Vol 1, Vol 2 & Vol 4. Class on demand were pretty usefull. It helped me a lot in understanding all the technologies. INE blog was also pretty helpfull. I would like to thank Anthony & Petr a lot for most of the blogs. Vol 1 was pretty helpfull in practising all the tecnologies. Vol 2 helped me in improving my speed. I build my own Rack after my 1st attempt. I put in more than 1000 hrs in practising lab. Used gns3 for troubleshooting. I still have tokens for INE racks. Hopefully I can use it for another track. I attempted V4 few months ago. Able to do well in configuration but lost the TS. So this time i worked well on troubleshooting and able to do well. I am able to finish TS is less than 2 hrs and Configuration in less than 6 hrs. INE workbooks covered allmost all topics in lab. I would suggest INE to have more topics in MPLS sections. I also studied IP expert workbooks, Cisco Documentaion and had a series of CISCO press books. My sincere advice is to practise.... practise....practise...... It will give you the speed in config. All the technologies will be at your finger tips. I used to write and practise some labs in my spare time not on the real rack but on papers. It will help you learn the commands rather than using the tab/? buttons in real routers. Read the lab documents pretty well. It may be confusing but read and understand what the lab wants. Make sure you understand all the restriction before you start any sections in the lab. That's all for now. Proud to be a CCIE Thanks Byju Varghese CCIE #27751

- Byju Varghese, CCIE #27751 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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