Brian Luers, CCIE #25809


I was able to pass the new Version 4.0 of the lab using INE study materials. I had built my lab on the version 3.0 specifications and then found out halfway through my studying they were going to change to the new 4.0 format. I ran through all of the version 3.0 labs, and then reviewed the version 4.0 labs. Since I didn't have the necessary equipment to run the 4.0 labs, I would read through the requirements then run through my head how I would do the lab and scour over Cisco documentation. After figuring out how I would do it, I then reviewed the solutions guide and made notes of the different methods that were in the solutions. I attempted the CCIE lab on December 21st and was able to pass the new Version 4.0 lab on my first try.

- Brian Luers, CCIE #25809 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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