Brandon Mangold, CCIE #31104


I attempted my third lab attempt on Friday October 21, 2011. After a long weekend of waiting I received the notification that my score report was ready and... CCIE # 31104! I used INE LB1 & 2 as my primary study resources and I also attended week 2 of the mocklab workshop with Petr. The one thing I will say that I learned through the process is there is just no subsitute for doing a lot of full lenght labs. I probably did 20 full lenght labs in the 2 months leading up to my CCIE attempt. Also, graded assesment labs and mocklab workshops are really important as well. I would advise anyone to take a mocklab workshop a week or two before your attempt. It helps with your focus, speed, stamina and most importantly rhythm. Learning, using and sticking systematic approach to solving a lab is critical. I am moving on to Security next. I have already purchased the INE Security workbooks and videos, just need to sign up for a mocklab workshop some time next year before my first attempt! A big thank INE for the great material. INE is truly the best in the business!

- Brandon Mangold, CCIE #31104 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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