Bradley Edgeworth, CCIE #31574


I used only workbooks to study on my own personal rack. After my first attempt, I relied strictly to INE's Vol 1, Narbik's Free Workbook, Routing-Bits and the Doc-CD to go through the various technologies. On other attempts I had failed, knowing that I had failed due to TS or Config; but not both. On my last attempt, I had knew I had passed TS with 30 minutes left to double-check solutions, and review lab guidelines with the proctor. I also knew that I passed the CONFIG section as I had 1 1/2 hours left to double-check and verify. I left the test center very relaxed knowing that I had passed the CCIE Lab after 2 years of studying. While changing planes in Atlanta, I got my test results of FAIL. The last flight I spent typing up my re-read justification. $250 dollars and 4 weeks later, my re-read has been completed, and my status changed to a pass. #31574

- Bradley Edgeworth, CCIE #31574 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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