Brad Mcconnell, CCIE #16147


I enjoy labbing, so when I decide to go for a CCIE I buy just about every full lab, self-study book available on the marketplace. Now that I've gone through this routine for three different CCIEs (R&S, SP, and Security) I think I can safely say that INE is the best one stop shop out there for labbing such a wide range of technologies and they've played a key role in giving me some easy passes :) There are more expensive options on the market that simply aren't better (or equal) and it takes a real focus on the needs of your customer base to produce a quality product at a reasonable price. I think one of the main things INE brings to the table is a consistent workflow - in other words, the types of tasks you prep on, the phrasing, the lab layout, etc. help you feel like the real lab is just another day with one of their workbooks. I also believe that INE gets the challenge level right, aiming to have part of each workbook force you to trudge through tasks that are more complicated than you'll see on the real thing. I'd love to see some mega-labs with like 300 points worth of complicated tasks that step all over each other and really challenge technical understanding! Thanks for playing a part in my CCIE journeys, and I look forward to using more of your workbooks if I ever talk myself into going for voice :)

- Brad Mcconnell, CCIE #16147 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Security)

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