Bogdan Musat, CCIE #48561


I began my CCIE journey in August 2013. It took me almost 2 years but I finally made it. After failing the first time, I realized that CCIE is not just about technology. It is also about perseverance, time management and very little social life. In my studies I used: -INE v5 Advanced Techology Labs. It contains approx. 500 technologies. Very well structured and describes in detail each and every technology. -INE v5 Foundation Labs. This is where you begin to put different technologies together and understand how they work as a whole. -INE v5 Full-scale Labs. Very well designed labs, covering all aspects in complex routing and switching environments. -INE v5 Advanced Troubleshooting Labs. Expect the unexpected, is all that I can say. They are so good! -CCIE v5 Advanced Technologies Videos. A must see, Brian McGahan explains very well all the technologies required to master the CCIE lab. What I liked most is that he repeats again and again certain key aspects until they stick to your mind without realizing. -Other CCIE videos in All Access Pass which go into much detail on every technology Another thing that helped me very much in my studies was spaced repetitions. Thank you, INE, for helping me achieve my dream! Bogdan Musat, CCIE #48561

- Bogdan Musat, CCIE #48561 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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