Bogdan Alexandru, CCIE #24224


Wooooooooww!! I can't believe it yet! I must be dreaming. I swear that I'm dreaming. For the past 4 nights (2 days before the exam and 2 days after) I couldn't sleep more than 5h per night, I was just way too nervous. I just received the email from Cisco... "Congratulations on passing the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab!" and now I must be CCIE Number 24224, at least if they say so 'cause I still can believe it. Special thanks go to Bogdan Sass (CCIE 22221) who made me believe this is achieveable even by a mere mortal like me. At this moment I'm only thinking that I want to get the voice track as soon as possible, but there a small side of me that whispers, "just wait a little bit, enjoy what you have right now, don't dive so quick into another one"! :) Thank you ALL,

- Bogdan Alexandru, CCIE #24224 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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