Bas van Delft, CCIE #30097


I have just received the great news an hour ago! It took me two times to achieve it. The first time was almost a year ago and I was blown away with the intensity, the format, stress and you name it. I decided to take a short break after studying for 9 months...but this short break lasted more than half a year! When I finally got myself back on track it took me another four months to get ready. The INE material I find truly amazing as I feel it makes me a better engineer in general by teaching not only towards getting the answer right just for the exam, but actually making you understand how things work and those little extra bits that make you long for more! Well, that's how it works for me anyway ;-) In the end everything came together and now I am CCIE...finally! A big compliment for INE for not only developing, but also innovating the way they teach!!

- Bas van Delft, CCIE #30097 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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