Azubuike T Obiora, CCIE #51651


First and foremost, I just want to say a very big thank you to my personal LORD and Savior JESUS Christ! For making this a reality for me. To my wonderful wife who loves me despite the fact I was busy having an affair with Cisco devices both virtual and physical for the past 18months+ lol. She stood by me giving me all the encouragement and support to go for it. Woke me up at night times to study and helped set straight my eye on the prize! Honey ILU without a doubt you are my very best. To the Entire INE crew thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!....Brian all I can say is GOD bless you beyond words that any man can utter. You are a blessing to our generation. Your ATC videos by far is the best thing ever since slice bread. Whenever I needed to set the record straight, I go back to the ATC videos plus tons of resources recommended. Workbooks are killer in stretching ones knowledge base in understanding the technologies at the expert level. I couldn't have gotten this number without your help. For some reason whenever I think of INE what comes to mind is to set a local-pref of 10000000000000000000000000000000000 to other vendors out there as well I prepend theirs with many AS'es. INE You guys rock! It wasn't an easy one on the journey, I experienced the better pain of PASS PASS PASS FAIL on my first attempt, but went back for it on the second attempt then earned my first 1 star stripe number. It was worth it going all the way with INE on this journey and the different study groups I was in while the journey lasted. I dedicate this achievement to my Lovely Wife! You were there with me through thick and thin. So whats next on the radar?!.... for now is to be the husband to my wife and plan for the next Star stripe to be earned. INE you bet I'm sticking with you guys all the way.

- Azubuike T Obiora, CCIE #51651 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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