Atef Mohamed Aly Mohamed, CCIE #27527


Touristic Zone Elhay Elmoatamiz Behind dar elfouad hospital finally i get my own CCIE Number. I wasn't easy at all it take more than 2 years after complete my professional certificate. let me first introduce myself. My name is Atef Mohamed, I am Egyptian, and 30 years old. as i am working at one of big end customer using many of Cisco products i have plan to be able configure all devices at my company. at 2007 it start my plan to get as much as i can from cisco professional certificates after i pass my CCNA. the start was CCNP at September 2007 and i really love it. i use CBT nuggets and Cisco workbooks to get it before end 2007. 2008 - i will never forget this year. i was working hard every day to prepare 2 Data center for my company from zero and study hard to be able configure the other products. i do not have any time to take any course but i study hard using cisco workbooks and CBT nuggets i get CCSP within 3 months then finish CCNA voice, CCDA and CCDP also i pass ITILv3 and McAfee Intrushield also Sidewinder firewall. that all within 6 months also with hard work every day. in 3rd quarter my CCIE dream start and after i get many certificates i found that i love routing and i need to get my CCIE number in this track so i start my study for CCIE R&S and i pass written at Nov 2008. after i pass CCIE written i face problem that i do not know how to start my preparation for LAB. i use CBT nugget as i was love it but i found that many topics not covered deeply so i read many books for all blue print topics and i plan to schedule my lab at Nov 2009. it was surprise for me that CCIE r&s version changed from 3 to 4 and i can't find free seat for my exam. so i start study for version 4 but this time i swear to pass the exam at 2010. at end of 2009 i take 2 courses (BGP-MPLS) at Sigma IT (partner for fast lane) and it help me lot to master the 2 topics as version 4 include mpls. i start CCIE bootcamps in 2010. first i use Cisco 360 program (workbook, assessment labs, workbook 1 and 2 from global knowledge) this take me about 6 months to finish it but i do not love it and i still not trust myself very well that i can pass the exam specially TShoot part. i start search for another ccie product and i choose Narbik bootcamp. and this one was very good as i really master all ccie topics and i trust now i am ready for CCIE also i trust myself that i can do anything at my work . my first attempt was at Oct 2010 at Dubai and i fail in configuration section because i was confused and go to proctor many times asking for basic things to be sure that everything is ok but that waste my time and my focus so at end i fail because of these points but i was very angry because i was able to pass it technically. after this attempt it was just 1 month to take my second attempt and it was so easy for me cuz i trust myself a lot and i was master all topics. thanks for your time reading my story

- Atef Mohamed Aly Mohamed, CCIE #27527

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