Asad Yaseen, CCIE #39493


Hi everyone! I am so happy to have passed the CCIE VOICE exam in June 2013. It was a long 2 year journey with lot of efforts. I attended an INE 10 day boot-camp in DUBAI in 2012, which was turning point for me towards the exam and on field expert which made me a professional in the designing and implementations. I really appreciate Mark Snow & INE's team efforts and the dedication they gave to us which not only made me pass the exam today but also make me a real expert in the field. I had gone though all INEs voice MOC labs , workbooks , ATC videos and also I had my rack at home to practice on. As for my experience, I will say the exam is not about getting the title only, its more beyond then what we think to bring the technologies and provide the world what they expect from the technology. A bit of advice for all coming experts, before you go to the exam read SRNDs. Read and understand the technology thoroughly, do as much practice as you can [hands on lab], Troubleshooting and Time Management. At the end, do not panic in the exam- be confident in yourself. Read what they are asking and then step ahead as its not only a technology exam. At the end, I would like to thanks my parents, friends and colleagues.

- Asad Yaseen, CCIE #39493 (CCIE Voice)

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