Arwin Reprakash, CCIE #52966


CCIE studying has been sort of a light switch in my brain that's been on and off, but last year sometime I rewired this light switch directly into the main grid and I told myself it's staying on ... constant. With this full throttle motivation I put together a rigorous study plan together (3:30 am wake ups and labbing everyday) and set out to be certified as CCIE in Routing and Switching. This study plan included watching the CCIE Advanced Technology Course (ATC) and doing the complimentary lab section on the CCIE R&S Workbooks. The amount of knowledge that you gain from the INE's course material such as CCIE ATC is insane. I also realized that if I was going to be serious about passing the lab that I needed access to a lab 24/7 so I decided to build a VMWare CCIE R&S virtual lab tailored to INE's workbook. If anyone else is interested in building your own awesome lab google "ithitman ccie lab". I was super excited to see my idol instructor Brian McGahan comment on my tutorial that I put together to help out my fellow CCIE dreamers :). I also attended the bootcamp in January and met an absolutely wonderful instructor name David Smith. David Smith was nothing short of a genius with so much enthusiasm, real world knowledge/examples, and the stamina to continue lectures for 14 hrs straight without putting us to sleep. He answered ALL of our questions and gave us excellent advice/materials that were extremely important for the lab exam. I am extremely thankful for INE's course material, their lab workbooks and excellent instructors who take you step by step beyond what the lab exam requires and in the end making you a better engineer. I passed my CCIE R&S lab exam on the first attempt on May 27th of 2016.

- Arwin Reprakash, CCIE #52966 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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