Arthur Louis Ucat IV, CCIE #43749


INE has been a big part of my CCIE story. I was already CCNP & CCIP at the time of my CCIE R&S preparation but I had no idea how to start until I discovered this great training organization. It took me almost 2 years of my studies with INE and it was all worth it. A BIG THANKS to this group for their great study materials and online blogs. Their videos & workbooks helped me a lot to understand the technology and build my foundation in troubleshooting & configuration. To begin with, I printed the whole 2000+ pages of the workbook and segregated them by topics. I started with Multicast, then IP Services, Security, QoS, BGP and so on. I've been doing the practice LABS over and over again, every task in the workbook have some explanations for you to understand what you are doing. It's unbelievable how their materials improved my skills and I was able to solve the complex issues that occur in our network that I usually have difficulty in the past. After a year I finished Volume I and started doing Volume II, though I still perform some of the Volume I chapters to avoid knowledge gap. This is very critical for me as I am reviewing only on my rest day and I need to balance my time between work, studies, and social life. When I became very confident with my skills and was prepared to take the exam, I decided to book for a LAB date and the rest was history! I passed the CCIE LAB exam on my first attempt and it was the greatest day of my life. I was jumping and shouting inside my hotel room and it was all THANKS to INE. I am now a CCIE and I wouldn't have done it without them. I would highly recommend INE to all aspiring CCIE's.

- Arthur Louis Ucat IV, CCIE #43749 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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